5% goes to Miscarriage Awareness and Cancer Research

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Amy Pinnick is a young lady living a life full of dreams and ambitions. She is a mother of two beautiful young children and works as a nurse caring for others constantly.

Unfortunately, Amy experienced a miscarriage at 24 weeks. Losing a child at such a late-week was traumatic but she was always grateful that her daughter was too young to really understand.

Her friends have also been unfortunate to suffer this unforeseen situation, but they had older children; their grief was huge. It is because of this, Amy was inspired to write this book with a vision to help children who may not understand why miscarriages occur and the mixed emotions they bring.

George was excited to meet his little brother or sister but, his mother had a miscarriage. This book takes you on his journey and his feelings and hopefully will allow children to find the words to describe their emotions and feelings during such a time. This is suitable for children who need to be read too or children who can read themselves. It is also suitable for children who have not experienced this type of loss and who are curious about what exactly miscarriage means.