Promo Videos & Production:

Meanwhile, our creative team will be working with you on your cover bringing your book to life. You can converse with one of our top designers until the cover is exactly how you want it, nothing more and nothing less.

Now we have the book size, the cover completed and the pages perfect, we go to print. You can have as many books as you wish, as Print On Demand (POD) makes this possible.

Once you have your book in your hand, it’s time to work on your eBook. This again requires a certain format which makes reading on any device effortless and easy on the eyes. We also convert the cover to suit the device, i.e. Kindle

You may want to consider starting a blog to create an audience, we have the perfect blogger in-house who can set you up and get you going and believe me, once you start to blog, you cannot stop. Perhaps you already have a blog, that’s great, now the time has come to help you make your work visible to the world.

Graphic Art & Design:

Now it’s time to go global. Our social media team will post on all platforms for an agreed amount of time. We will use promo videos that our production team will create for you and let the world know that your vision has come to life.

Want to go to the final step? Let our production team make your book into an audiobook.

If you have a manuscript hot off your keyboard or printer, we can magically turn it into a hardback or paperback book which will make you proud.

We serve the Writer's Quill at Melaris In Print,

where dreams come true.