"Bold, brave, and beautiful. This book might just change your life.

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Romany is handing you her sunlight. Take it."

Anthony Owen TV Producer.

"This story made me believe in magic again."

David Reed-Brown

I am a magician. You know, stage magic, appearing birdcages, vanishing rabbits! You can see me on stage here: www.romanymagic.com But I'm not your usual magician. I believe in REAL MAGIC. You know, the 'you wouldn't believe it if I couldn't prove it MAGIC! ' I believe thoughts become things, I believe every thought or wish or prayer you have is answered. I believe that when you really FEEL that your dream can come true when you LISTEN to the whispers all around you and TAKE ACTION, you will see astonishing results! About me? I love dogs, my beloved labradoodle Bongo passed last year and now I'm waiting for a rescue pooch to come to find a life of endless walks and snuggling with me. I love warm turquoise seas - who doesn't? - Bright colours, ethnic cloth, yum vegan food, DANCING! Oh, I LOVE dancing and great bands. I manifested a really lovely husband called Walkabout. You can read how I did that in the book! He lives in the Manjushri Buddhist Meditation centre in Cumbria. I live in a little cute cottage up the road. I have sheep for neighbours. I wish my sheep were more up for a cuddle! Before Covid, I had an adventurous life full of travel, I performed on cruise ships and events around the world, then returned home to create magic props in my studio, make bread or soup while listening to stories & comedy on the radio. 

My really happy place is backstage in the theatre or on stage making people laugh and wonder with my show. Ah, but we are in a brave new world! Showbiz is on pause right now. I believe that it's a good idea to find the silver lining when things get tough! The big huge SILVER LINING of Covid is that I now have time to make my vision real. My vision is the EVERY SINGLE PERSON struggling with an eating disorder, with mental health issues, everyone who feels that they are not ENOUGH, not this, not that, who struggles to even open their front door and leave the house will find my book and story in their hands and know that they are not alone. THAT THINGS CAN GET BETTER! My wish is that my book and story will give real comfort, inspiration, and courage to everyone that needs it. I'm a magician, I do magic. My wishes come true! This is why I've created the Manifest a Million readers adventure! I promise to take daily inspired action, to listen to the 'magical whispers', taking step after step towards making my dream come true, and blog my adventures for you! I'm going to share my book and story with over a million readers and I'm going to do this with magic! I hope to collaborate with other wonderful souls and have lots of fun along the way! I'd love you to follow my blog of this adventure which is www.romanymagic.com/magicalmillion I'd love YOU to be part of the story. Please help me, I'll love to meet you! Abracadabra. Love love love Romany

This book might look like a story about a woman becoming a magician but really it's about love and hope and persistence.

It's a story for anyone with a dream, for anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety or body issues or not feeling good enough. It's a story to give you courage. Romany performs her award-winning comedy magic show all over the world in beautiful theatres and on cruise ships. She is an international speaker who inspires thousands to have the courage and tenacity to follow their dreams. But as a chubby little girl, her dream of making it in showbiz didn’t look likely. At age 26, following a breakdown caused by a combination of a stressful business career and a serious eating disorder, Romany decided to ignore everyone's advice and to follow her dream of becoming an entertainer. Often, realising a dream doesn't happen overnight. From her first magic class aged 26 to winning the World Magic Awards in Las Vegas aged 43. Romany followed her heart and listened to the whispers of her intuition. This story is a rollercoaster story of determination and persistence—about deciding that you’re going to walk stubbornly towards your heart’s desire and not stop until you’re there, trusting that the next step will appear—as if by magic.

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